01 Good for Business

Silicon Valley: "Woman Engineer"

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"Let me rephrase. I think having a woman in the company is important, but hiring someone only because they’re a woman is bad. I would never compromise Pied Piper."

"Okay, but just to be clear, our top priority is to hire the most qualified person available, right?"

"Of course."

"But it would be better if that someone was a woman, even if the woman part of that statement is irrelevant?"


Making the unconscious, conscious

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Questions for reflection

Picture the typical representative of your organisation. Is there a template, 'look' or set of assumptions tied to that picture?

What assumptions can be made about this 'typical person' - where they're from, their background, age, preferences or tendencies?

List the assumptions that make it difficult to consider an alternative 'fit'. What beliefs are getting in the way of more diverse representation?

Think of ways that greater diversity and inclusion would enhance business.

List some of the immediate and potential benefits of an alternative worldview.

What risks and costs are you facing by failing to think diversely?